The Medium Is the Matzo: An Interactive Passover Installation

Artist Melissa Shiff is hard at work building her interactive Passover installation in time for the holidays. The work, called The Medium Is the Matzo, will feature a house made up entirely of matzo (unleavened bread), along with “Crush Oppression” cushions, and a video projection of Cecil B. DeMille’s famous movie The Ten Commandments. Shiff has also constructed what she dubs the “Miriam Bar”, in honor of Moses’ sister.

The installation is an immersive experience that reinterprets the Hagaddah, a text read during Passover that recounts the liberation of the Jews from slavery in Egypt (as told in the Book of Exodus). The experience is intended to highlight the importance of standing up to oppression in today’s age. Shiff hopes that her interpretation of biblical events will revitalize the holiday for younger generations.

Matzo, anyone?

The Medium Is the Matzo is located on the main floor of the Library Building at Concordia University, and will be open to the public from April 10 to May 1st.

For more information about the artist and a detailed schedule of events, please visit:

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