Support Us

Do you know an emerging Jewish visual artist (35 years or younger) that should be featured on VAN?

Do you have an important exhibition or cultural event that VAN should visit and promote?

We are currently looking for graphic artists, sculptors, new media artists, painters, photographers, filmmakers, and book artists.

Since all our content is published online and promoted on social networks (YouTube, Facebook, Twitter), we need your input and suggestions to steer the course of our network.

Funding is now required to continue our non-profit initiative.

If you enjoy VAN, our contribution to Jewish cultural heritage, and you would like to see more artists, then you can help.

If VAN inspires you, donate today.

Please contact Maya Hajdu at or Anabel Burin at


One Response to Support Us

  1. Hajdu Ya'akov says:

    Good content and a fine selection of up and coming, young Jewish Artists.
    There is definitely a need for a permanent and continually evolving, dynamic
    Website like this. Hopefully you both will be able to further develop the experience
    that you have acquired in the development of this Project. Good Luck!

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